Case&Point Technology

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Smart Caching Client for Exceptional Performance
Browser based clients present significantly less information in a single screen than Case&Point forcing the user to constantly change pages to get additional information. Delays of 5 to 10 seconds when changing pages which can often occur over the Internet with competitive systems discourages use and frustrates users. Changing screens in Case&Point is much faster averaging 1 to 2 seconds allowing you to get your work done more quickly for a more satisfying user experience. This is extremely important as our market research revealed that longer delays resulted in enough user frustration to cause them not to use the system.

To achieve the goal of fast response time we developed proprietary technology to cache information locally, while allowing the system to operate over the Internet via a VPN.  Consequently Case&Point provides the rich user experience of a fat client while communicating with the speed of a skinny client.

Using Case&Point is like using Microsoft Word where response is virtually immediate. We use Active X technology to facilitate communication with other Windows applications you already use such as Word, Excel, etc.

Database Requirements
Case&Point uses Microsoft SQL Server for robust performance.